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Launching SpaceChannel.TV
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We're building a large news department to bring your stories and information about the world concerning space, science fiction, transhumanism, nanotechnology, alternative energy, and science and technology that is shaping your future.

Our blog is already covering these stories with syndicated stories and some original ones concerning space and sci-fi, while our video newsroom is now beginning to bring you original reports, reviews, behind-the-scenes coverage, news and commentary on a weekly basis.

If you are interested in writing for SpaceChannel.TV, or are interested in becoming one of our field correspondents who would submit video reports on events and issues local to you, but global in scope, please email us with your story ideas.


We are proud to announce that SpaceChannel is now working in conjunction with OnSched to bring you appointment scheduling software that helps businesses of all kinds accomplish

We'd also like to thank the team at i Gotta Drive for their help in setting up our new space shuttle automated driving software that will power the rover in 2017

If you are interested in getting your feature or short film online here at SpaceChannel.TV, please contact our media team at

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